28 July 2009

How to Lose 4 Kg in 4 Days Moving Only Your Fingers

I know I'm not skinny :) and surely I'll lose 20Kg this summer but I've found the secret of losing weight rapidly and effortless. I'll call it:
"Code Therapy - 6000 LOC in 4 days" © Seneka.
The secret is too get yourself involved in a time consuming project (like a bachelor dedegree) and don't do anything for it. One week before the deadline start coding like you never did before. For me it worked like this (4 days program):
  • Day 1: wake up, realize you're in deep shit, start coding, write and test about 2000 LOC (lines of code), go to bed;
  • Day 2: wake up, realize that you're still in a deep shit, start coding, write about 2750 LOC, go to bed;
  • Day 3: wake up, realize that you're half way through, start coding, test the lines you wrote tha day before, delete about 50% of the code you wrote, refactor the rest, write another 1000 LOC, go to bed;
  • Day 4: wake up, realize that you wrote a fucking big application in 3 days, try to remember all its functionality, test it, do some minor bug fixes, drink 4 beers and go to bed;
After these 4 days the adrenaline rush disappears and you'll realize that is time to eat something because your stomach forgot how food looks like.

The result in my case was obvious 102 Kg --> 98 Kg.

DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home (or at work place), starvation can cause severe health problems (permanent problems). I'm not responsible for any damage you suffered in case you follow this therapy (because you're a bigger idiot than I am). In case you are convinced that this is a solution to your problems see a doctor before (to be read as "see a shrink").

Happy coding!

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Aisha Shokry said...

Right! have done this lot of times before,,
it has no pain at all!

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