28 July 2009

The Liar, The Truth Teller and The Random Answerer

While working for bachelor degree project a month ago, Bulă decided to to cheer me up with a brain twister puzzle, which in my opinion is the best puzzle I ever solved:

There is a truth teller (always tells the truth), a liar (always lies), and one that sometimes answers truthfully and sometimes lies. Each man knows who is who. You may ask three yes or no question to determine who is who. Each time you ask a question, it must only be directed to one of the men (of your choice). You may ask the same question more than once, but of course it will count towards your total. What are your questions and to whom will you ask them?

Let me give you an advice: if you have something important to do just read the solution on brainden.com.

If you want more puzzles the brainden.com has a "best puzzles" category that is worth seeing.
Happy mind twisting and if you find different solutions from those at brainden.com please share them with us.

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