28 July 2009

XL97: Data Not Returned from Query Using ORACLE Data Source

I know that some bugs may be mind braking for developers but no developer with self-esteem would accept such a workaround unless it works for...

SYMPTOMS: When you try to return data from Microsoft Query 97 to a Microsoft Excel 97 worksheet, the spinning globe icon (which signifies that a query is processing) may appear for a long time, and then the query returns no data to your worksheet.

WORKAROUND: If you move your mouse pointer continuously while the data is being returned to Microsoft Excel, the query may not fail. Do not stop moving the mouse until all the data has been returned to Microsoft Excel.
The other workarounds can be found here but this is the clever one.

I must presume that the developers don't have access to M$ Help and Support server to avoid any frustrations it may cause to the 15000 developers worldwide.

Thanks to Geek Hero Comic for all the fun.


Alex said...

Nu iti merge ultimul link (all the fun)

Serban said...

10x, fixed.

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